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Every year we have to buy new sunscreens (remember to toss the lotions left over from the year before) and it is also important to know how to use them and in which sequence. Some new products have just come out, so let’s go through them. For example Comfort Zone started a recycling program : bring an old sun screen and get a 3 euro discount on the purchase of a new one.

SPF 50+: for very light and delicate skins or to be used in the first days of your sun exposure.

1. Clarins: high protection cream to prevent wrinkles and sun induced age spots. It also ensure a long-lasting sun tan.

2. Lancaster – Sun age control for mature skin: this fluid provides highly protection and natural repair for face, hands and decollete. It would be important to wear sunscreens all year around also during winter season under your make-up to block the UVA rays.

3. Sisley – Broad spectrum facial sunscreen: this cream will protect your face form UVA/UVB rays and at the same it will moisturize your skin. Apply to the face, ears and neck 30 minutes before exposure.

4. Shiseido – Very high sun protection lotion: this lotion will protect both your face and your body from the damaged of UVA/UVB rays. It also prevents your skin from dryness keeping it moisturized and soft.

5. Kiehl’s – super fluid UV defense: Lay this fluid over your moisturizer to prevent up to 90% of skin damaged caused by the sun exposure.

SPF 20/30: for skins already prepared to sun exposure or darker skins.

1. Jurlique – Sun lotion: it provides antioxidant protection, protects from dryness and sun rays.

2. Lancaster  –  Multi protection water +sweat resist cream & stick: this cream/stick can be used on all those sensitive area like eyes, nose, ears, lips to prevent them from burning while practising outdoor actives and water sports. Apply frequently.

3. Occitane – Sunscreen for face and eyes Do Brazil: small package for a high protection. This fluid can be used also while in town, alone or together with your moisturizer . It contains Buriti palm oil with high concentration of beta-carotene and antioxidant.

4. Roc – Refreshing sun spray: this easy to use spray will protect your skin from the UVA/UVB rays damages.

5. Hawaiian tropic – Shimmer effect lotion sunscreen: it gives immediate shimmer to your skin  while protecting it.  It contains mica minerals to highlight your skin tone.

SPF 15 and lower : for skins that tan quickly.

1. Boots – Bosy sun spray: this spray, resistant to water,  prevents your skin from burning and skin aging. Easy to use als on your back.

2. Erbolario – Accelerating  sun cream with jojoba oil: start using this cream at least one week before exposure. It will donate a golden amber colour to you skin.

3. Bionike – Defense sun low protection: only for darker skins that tans quickly in the sun.   It contains Bio-mimetic Peptide which increase the production of melanin and also it prevents your skin from ray damages.

4. Monoi – Tan intensifier butter: this soft butter has to be used after a couple of days of exposure. Apply it on your face and body to intensify your tan.

5. Clinians – DNA defense complex: this milk offers an intense sun tan. The sun filters protect your skin from burning ans skin aging.


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