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Almarow is an exquisite fashion jewellery line that celebrates Italian craftsmanship, uniquely selected materials and impeccable finishes. Alma – meaning soul – leads each piece to resonate and illuminate soulfully with the wearer’s identity. Quality, excellence and a touch of tradition inform each signature collection – all done alla Milanese -with a subtle nod to the energy and luminous beauty of founder Marta Oriani’s home city – Milano.

Each collection celebrates a part of the wearers life.  Luxury crystals inspire elegance day and night and offer versatility for wear during the day, through to aperitivo. Elegance is a way of life.

The chain collection – emboldens and empowers, with signature charms and hidden messages for the wearer.

Born and bred in chic metropolitan Milan – Marta Oriani has always been fascinated by geology, stones and crystals. As a child she would collect books cards and had a set of stones from the age of 7 – studying the meanings, colours and cuts of stones. Her childhood fascination has also been with mythical fantasy creatures – such as centaurs, magical animals. Her fascination has also been with the ability of stones and mythical stories to transcend energy, mood and empower throughout the ages.

In her twenties she moved to London and studied and worked at Sotheby’s where her love of jewellery became her calling. She cites working on the collection of Wallis Simpson and her hours of research into luxury jewellery as well as a formal jewelry design training as informing her approach to Almarow. For Marta – as well as being highly covetable and personal – jewellery is also imbued with a mysticism – and has been synonymous with empowerment and communicating both with the seen and the unseen. Nothing makes a statement quite like it in history.

She returned to Milan with her young family – and quietly began work on the concept of her brand ALMAROW. The root of the word – Alma – means soul, an element that remains important to each collection Oriani designs – way of writing a soulful personal expression through stones and jewellery.

Studying the market Oriani discovered a significant gap in it for affordable statement jewellery – designed to empower and act as a unique tool of personal self-expression. Her designs are as much inspired by her love of regal heroines through the ages, as with rock and roll icons and hip hop artists of today. It struck Oriani that the impact and easiness of an individual piece of jewellery to add polish and arresting brilliance to a wardrobe cannot be underestimated – something Oriani knows well as a busy mother of three. Almarow was also born also from her desire to work with Italian craftsmen to produce elegant pieces that would stand the test of time. True luxury today means sustainability and timelessness – values Oriani and her team remain committed to.

On her inspirations – Marta says:

“Each Almarow piece starts from a desire, a dream or a passion my clients have. Each piece is intended to evoke the magic that is each of us, one of my favourite mantras is ‘its not magic – its you’, and that is what each Almarow piece is a reminder of for my customers.”

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