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The Abruzzo region in Italy is imbued with history, and rural communities here have been living in harmony with nature for centuries.

Here it is where Vuscichè was born in 2000, a sustainable brand that elaborates the ancient local traditions, both in its designs and in the fabrics, mixing and reusing old textile scraps from the region and expertly sewn by local artisans.

Vuscica— Vuscichi—Vusciche, in the Abruzzo dialect, means to mix vigorously; the declination changes depending on the place in Abruzzo where you are. The name reflects the brand’s mission: to remix ancient fabrics with contemporary ones through new processes that make the product 100% circular.

Vuscichè gives life to a predominantly female wardrobe, between ethics and aesthetics. A dry and no-frills design, made dreamlike by using magnificent original fabrics and antique pieces. The decoration becomes structure, using the essence of the fabric as embellishment, touches of colour as an accent, or as an internal lining.

The limits – zero miles, materials available nearby – become a creative tool, giving rise to collections full of feeling.

AW 23 – 24 collection : BUGS fits in the groove already traced with Ripple – its second collection – and draws inspiration from the forms of Nature with a look at the microscopic world, that of insects. Their colours, textures and contrasts inspire the items for the autumn/winter 23-24.

The volumes are exuberant, obtained from structural seams in contrast with the slim silhouettes.

The fabrics are pinstriped, crepe with viscose and regenerated damasks, combined with the iconic regenerated Abruzzo blankets for outerwear and accessories.

The materials are hand-felted, and the garments are dyed and embellished with small fringes, the hallmark of the brand born in Abruzzo.

Wool is the central element of the collection,  sheep’s wool, hand-knitted or eco-cashmere. The knitwear welcomes the mending that becomes precious and refers to the scars on the exoskeletons of insects.

Even the colours resonate with naturalness: butter, lead and natural black, shades of garment-dyed grey.

BUGS is a collection to layer, a contemporary wanderer’s wardrobe where references to different cultures create an organic blend, where handmade rhymes with contemporaneity.

Vuscichè affirms his point of view, looking for signs of a near future in the microcosm of Abruzzo.

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