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Luma Saqqaf, the founder & creative designer of her eponymous brand, told us ““We believe that women shouldn’t have to choose between being feminine and being able to express their power and intellect”.

After more than 18 years in the corporate world as a leading international finance lawyer, Luma moved to entrepreneurship in 2011.

Being open to business opportunities, she noticed a clear direction from major brands towards fast fashion and courting a specific segment of women in the market Ignoring, in her view, her own important segment of career women, who are not interested in fast fashion; who are looking for a wardrobe that respects their needs both as women and being career oriented; covering both professional and corporate social settings; timeless yet contemporary, high quality, comfortable yet versatile enough to suit an evolving day.

When she realized that the combination she wanted was simply not available that was her cue to do something about it. With her own professional and personal background in mind, Luma decided that there was only one way to do this project to be sure it was done “right”: that was sufficiently based on ethics and values that she also yearned to see in the wardrobe she wanted.

As such BYLUMA, since its establishment in 2017, was infused in environmental and ethical values in equal measure to the importance of designs and high quality fabrics and finishing creating an unparalleled product for discerning powerful women.

In a very short period of time BYLUMA has established itself on the global scene as one of less than a handful Spanish luxury ethical brands.

Our muse is a powerful woman oozing femininity; who is seeking a durable timeless yet contemporary wardrobe to suit her versatile lifestyle.

To design our pieces we draw inspiration from all aspects of her multi-faceted life: nature, arts, architecture and everything else that enriches her life. But we always stay focused on quality.

Our fabrics are of the highest quality and are- exclusively Italian. We pride ourselves on using natural content fibers and organic where possible.

The majority of our products are hand-made or hand-finished. That extends to our scraves, buttons and other accessories.

We work exclusively with small family owned ateliers known for their craftsmanship to maintain the hand finishing and quality that we strive for.

BYLUMA’s commitment to luxury has been recognised by many luxury magazines. In 2021 alone, BYLUMA has been featured in British Vogue, Harper’s bazaar Arabia, Tatler Magazine, Elle Arabia to name a few.

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