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Roma Jewelry Week first edition is opening from October 11 to 17, 2021. The international event enhances and spreads the culture of contemporary jewelry, artist jewel and historical goldsmiths  and has the patronage of  I Municipio di Roma and Italy-America Chamber of Commerce  in New York and it is promoted by Incinque Open Art Monti Association. More than 130 international designers will exhibit their creations.

The RJW event is created by Architect Monica Cecchini, director and project curator. The selection of the realities involved is due to the curatorship of  Architect Monica Cecchini assisted by goldsmith artist Emanuele Leonardi  and Bianca Cappello jewelryhistorian andcritic. Journalist Jonathan Giustini will moderate one of the scheduled events. Marketing and press communication project is managed by the consultant Eugenia Gadaleta. Laura Astrologo Porché, jewelry journalist of Celebre Magazine, Monaco Woman and Rinascimento Magazine, supported and disseminated the initiative through he IG page @journaldesbijoux.

The RJW event is also realized thanks to the support of the sponsor Montanelli Restauri S.r.l. and HomeRo studio. 

Roma Jewelry Week is an event that promotes excellence in the world of jewelry with a strong international vocation. It is therefore a great honor to have the patronage of the Italian-American Chamber of Commerce in New York. President Alberto Milani, who in the past has held leading roles in the world of luxury jewelery for brands such as Bulgari and Buccellati, will award a prize to the most worthy designer.

Ring designed by Rita Marcangelo

The winning creation will be the protagonist of a special project and from Rome it will land on the new American jewelry platform

There are many realities involved, protagonists of a rich schedule. RJW can boast to date the “Università e Nobil Collegio degli Orefici, Gioiellieri, Argentieri dell’Alma Città di Roma “ participation together with the “Console Camerlengo dell’Università “Aldo Vitali. 

Among the various associations there is AGC Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo who will curate a collective exhibition of contemporary jewelry goldsmiths at Alternatives Gallery,among them also the creations of the recently passed away Alba Polenghi Lisca.  

Ring designed by Francesco Ridolfi

Re/Enchanting presents its «urban souvenirs», art jewels in precious and semi-precious materials inspired by an urban place in the prestigious bookshops of “Zetema Progetto Cultura” at Mercati Traianei and at Ara Pacis. 

Incinque Open Art Monti Gallery, in via Madonna dei Monti, will host the group show of the following artists: Gaia Descovich, Emanuele Leonardi, Dragana Mircetic, Raimondo Oliviero, STKREO Jewels & Vuelle Jewels and Célia Mastorchio Fabbri with her collages dedicated to jewelry.

Collective exhibitions of goldsmith artists selected by  Officine di Talenti Preziosi will exhibit in the boutique Xandrine in via Margutta and in the city center atelier of: Franchi Argentieri, Cristiana Perali, Negri Gioielli e Fratelli Petochi e Rose’s Jewellery. Le Sibille will open the doors of their atelier in via Muzio Clementi with an event dedicated to the ancient Roman micromosaic technique, that distinguish the line and concept of their jewels.

Paperand virtual maps will be available to visitors to learn about all the places to visit.

Necklace designed by Vladyslav Kadko

The beating heart of the event will be the guided tours, the intent of the RJW is in fact to discover the strong relationship between the history of our city and the ancient goldsmith’s art.

The itineraries will be seven and will involve eleven Rioni and about thirty goldsmith realities which, in addition to those already mentioned, are: Alberto Ercoli, Anna Retico, Argentia Jewels by Roberta Roselli, Arte Libera Tutti by Francesca Zaratti, Claudia Chianese, Fabiano Trionfi, Francesca Ecati  EXATI, Galleria Continua by Cecilia Pecorelli, Glauco Cambi, Maria Diana, Maria Raissa Risivi /Risivi Lab, MP GIOIELLI by Marcello Pezzatini, MyriamB by Myriam Bottazzi, Percossi Papi, Risivi gioielli, EPIFANIO. Alessandro Arrigo’s Bling Bling will be exhibited at SPAZIO MONTI.

Tours will be conducted by tourist guides of AGTAR (Associazione Guide Turistiche Abilitate Roma), the largest association of official guides in Rome and Lazio, which aims to enhance the cultural and artistic heritage, the lesser-known itineraries and the excellence of Made in Italy, and  they will be coordinated by Alessandra De Tata, who is also a guide.

Galleria Continua by Maurizio Rigillo, Lorenzo Fiaschi and Mario Cristiani, will exhibit a work by Loris Cecchini, curated by Cecilia Pecorelli. 

Pendant designed by Marco Mormile

The artist Corrado Veneziano will exhibit nine artworks to celebrate the connection between the Divine Comedy and the reality of the jewel, of the necklace, and of the precious stones. A study day to explore the theme of Roman jewelery, “Gioie di Roma”, will be held at the Istituto Centrale del Patrimonio Immateriale by Dr. Lucia Ajello and promoted by OADI, the Observatory for Decorative Arts in Italy.

Among the schools, also present is IED Rome and the university-level artistic training school for fashion, design and photography Accademia Italiana, with their Open Days and workshops.

At the Casa Internazionale delle Donne, from 13 to 16 October, the Textile Art exhibition curated Bianca Cappello will exhibit the creations of one of the most important Italian artists of the knitted sculpture jewel, Luisa de Santi. 

During the week there will be the presentation of the book “Gioielli di Vetro dalla Preistoria al III Millennio” by Bianca Cappello and Augusto Panini Published by Antiga Editore.

Head jewel designed by Francesca Luciani

For the Rome Jewelry Week, the digital communication startup CULTT will gather all the participating businesses in a single digital infrastructure, placing the keys in the palm of visitors to trigger experiences, paths and performative narratives to get lost in the universe of jewelry between luxury and craftsmanship.

The protagonists are the jewelry designers and the excellence of both Italian and international goldsmiths, jewelry ateliers, galleries, academies and associations based in Rome. A Roman week dedicated to culture and beauty animated by exhibitions, presentations, workshops, awards and talks to bring the capital to life and relive it thanks to a new project for the city, where inclusion, connection and joy are the key words.

We have received great and positive feedback from international goldsmiths and artists, institutions and the press for the first edition of Rome Jewelry Week. We are very happy that the project has been received with warm participation. An event that was awaited by many in Rome, to relaunch and enhance contemporary jewelery, with the desire to look to the future without losing sight of the ancient roots in which the goldsmith’s art sinks. This is why Rome, guardian of the enormous artistic, cultural and architectural heritage, opens its doors to this highly anticipated international event “ Director Monica Cecchini affirms.

Many applications arrived in a few weeks to participate in the project, a sign that the goldsmiths and jewelery designers want to restart and show the world the best of this sector.

Bracelet designed by Formedarte Rosamaria Venetucci

Especially in this complex historical period, the city must regain possession of the spaces dedicated to art, design and craftsmanship, and must return to attract not only for its magnificent historical vestiges but also for the immense heritage also in the field of the artistic jewel. Giving life to such an important event for the city of Rome is a great challenge and a great responsibility, which today takes on new values ​​and a renewed creative impetus.

The Rome Jewelry Week will have the  Premio Incinque Jewels as its flagship event organized by the Incinque Open Art Monti Association. The contest aims to promote the culture of Contemporary Jewelery in the territory of Rome and will take place from 15 to 17 October for the first time at  the Auditorium di Mecenate, archaeological site dating back to 30 b.C. where 58 designer jewels will be exhibited to the public. 

photo contest will be launched during the event. The author of the best photo will win a jewel signed by Marco Mormile, one of the selected designer for the Premio Incinque Jewels 2021.

The AUSGANG24 art project, which is open to sharing between conceptuality through art, culture and people, will give its media support to theRJW. Among the media partners also Arte Morbida Magazine and Ufashon.

Brooch designed by Pilar Viedma


Amenirdis by Sabina Paganelli, Argentia Jewels by Roberta Roselli, Asimi by Anna Butcher, Glauco Cambi, Simone Carsetti, Virginia Checcacci e Cristina Innocenti, Simone Cipolla, Elisa Cosaro, daniela de marchi, Dieva Fine Jewelry by Ieva Dumbliauskaite, Ellence by Elle di Muro, Rocco Epifanio, Chiara Fenicia, Roberto Fenzl, Daniela Ferrero, Formedarte di Rosamaria Venetucci, Angela Gentile, Gioielli della Terra by Elisabetta Donadio, Joya Blossom Bijoux by Cinzia Bennici e Silvia Socci, Vladyslav Kadko, Salome Kobulashvili, Labrys Gioielli by Livia d’Agostino, Les Mascarones by Inga Macaron, Lilis by Matija Prša, Lokta Art by Vasiliki Merianou, Francesca Luciani, Maria Patrizia Marra, Marvitae by Maria del Rocio Ortega Navas, Davide Maule, Gina Michelle Melosi, Gianni Misto, Iris Mondelaers, Marco Mormile, Viktoria Munzker, Ornella Pandolfi, Peseli Jewels by Marianna Marolla, Maria Gaia Piccini, Andreea Popescu, Rasma Puspure, Maria Ines Reynoso, Francesco Ridolfi, Ritrovarti by Fabiano Trionfi, Marco Sacchi, Liana Scarano, Sognando lo Scirocco by Anna Paparella, Rossella Ugolini, Pilar Viedma Gil de Vergara, Laura Visentin, Zilfi Handmade by Pati Kakniashvili. 

IED Rome and Accademia Italiana young designers: Alessio Bartelloni, Claudia Civitarese, Annachiara Dima, Giulia Gastaldi, Claudia Gobbi, Marta Guerra, Danil Neskromniy, Alice Pietrantoni, Junye Wu.

NAMES OF RJW PARTICIPANTS: Alberto Ercoli, Alternatives Gallery with AGC, Anna Retico, Argentia Jewels di Roberta Roselli, Arte Libera Tutti di Francesca Zaratti, Claudia Chianese, Claudio Franchi di Franchi Argentieri, Cristiana Perali, Fabiano Trionfi, Francesca Petroni EXATI, Fratelli Petochi, Giulia Iosco, Galleria Continua, Galleria Incinque Open Art Monti, Glauco Cambi, Le Sibille, Maria Diana, Maria Raissa Risivi /Risivi Lab, MP GIOIELLI di Marcello Pezzatini, MyriamB di Myriam Bottazzi, Negri Gioielli, OTP, Percossi Papi, re/ENCHANTING, Risivi gioielli, Epifanio, Rose’s Jewellery, Spazio Monti, Nobil Collegio degli Orefici di Sant’Eligio, LABORATORIO #2 di E.Lorraine, Formespazioroma-Gioielli in plexiglass di Sonia M- Stuppia.

NAMES OF THE ARTISTS THAT WILL EXHIBIT AT GROUP SHOW AT INCINQUE OPEN ART MONTI GALLERY: ATTO by NiKolly Goncalves, Gaia Descovich, Emanuele Leonardi, Dragana Mircetic, Raimondo Oliviero, STKREO Jewels & Vuelle Jewels and Celia Mastorchio Fabbri  with her collages dedicated to jewelry.

Ring designed by Angela Gentile

NAMES OF OTP Participants: Barbara Amici, Daniela Giorgetti Agata blu gioielli, Anna Pinzari art.jewel, Daria  Leuzinger, SilverStrass, Erica Vacchiano, Cristina Innocenti & Virginia Checcacci, Daniela Ferrero, Uomumjewels by Gloria Passidomo, Fontana Gioielli Roma, I fontanagioielli Nepi, Liliana Palaia, Lanzilao_Jewellery, Gioia Capolei, Marina Valli.

NAMES OF AGC Participants: Corrado De Meo, Gabi Veit, Irma Podini, Liana Pattihis, Lluis Comin, Jeemin Jamie Chang Mineri Matsuura, Roberta Consalvo Sances, Sara Barbanti, Yiota Vogli. With creations by Alba Polenghi Lisca.

NAMES OF  re/ENCHANTING Participants: Cristina Serafini Sauli, Monica Ungarelli, Myriam Bottazzi, Elisabetta Duprè, Carmina Cirigliano, Pierluigi Siliotti, Simone Vera Bath, Emanuela Faitelli, Flavia Colamonico, Alessandra Narducci.

Brooch designed by Ines Reynoso

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