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Last year I met Patrick for the first time at the UK-Italy Lessons in sustainability fashion event organised during the Venice Fashion Week. Then we met again early this year this time in Milan at the WSM Fashion Reboot which was the first event dedicated entirely to fashion design and sustainable innovation.

Today I welcome Patrick and his incredible talent and fashion vision on my blog with this exclusive interview.

Q: Where does you passion for crystals come from? Do they have a special meaning for you? They are all Swarovski upcycled crystals, for me they remind me of the sparkle of people in Liverpool. I love that they are using materials that might otherwise not get used.

Q.: Sustainability is… creating something desirable , with neutral or positive impact on the planet.

Q.: What are your future projects?  I will be showing a digital collection in the Fall , along with working with Private Drama Events on two exciting projects for the end of 2020. I’m working with the swap chain to create lots of exciting initiatives around swapping and bringing people together to experience clothing in a way that creates inclusive and safe spaces for people from all walks of life.

Q.: Who would you like to collaborate with? and why? I’d love to do a fabulous jewellery collaboration, I’ve always been obsessed with how jewellery is found in almost every culture in the world, and every era of the human race. We have been adorning ourselves with some form of jewellery for thousands of years. I’d love to work with Boodles as they also started in Liverpool.

Q.: If you would have not become a famous fashion shower, what plan B did you have? There was never a plan B

Q.: What do you like and don’t about today’s fashion? I love how it is able to be viewed by anyone – I don’t like the speed

Q.: Are famous testimonials/influencers important to reach a wider exposure? Sometimes , I don’t like promoting people in my clothes unless I believe in their point of view.

Q.:The garment that we should all have in our closet? A great coat !

Q.: Is it possible to reinvent luxury in a sustainable way? Completely , sustainability is Luxurious!

Q.: I know you tutor at institutions in the UK, what do you teach them? Creativity is a way of thinking , Creativity is not confined only to fashion !

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