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Chika Kisada has studied classic ballet since she was young and has won numerous awards and honors. After performing as a ballet dancer on the stage, she established REKISAMI in 2007 and Chika Kisada in 2014. With the inspiration of ballet, music and the air of cities, she designs clothes for women who live strong.

Chika Kisada established her eponymous brand in 2014 which strongly reflects her sense of value as a designer.

Chika Kisada supervises the planning and direction of 2016 CAPSULE COLLECTION at DANSKIN (GOLDWIN INC.), a clothing brand for ballet and yoga. Chika will be in charge of planning and the direction of all follow up CAPSULE COLLECTION.

The brand obtained the Tokyo Fashion Award in 2017 and the Fashion Asia Hong Kong in 2018.

The elegance of ballet, the energy of punk. The concept “Vital Elegance” was born by integrating contrasting images; the evanescence and the verve. It’s the signature line, which pursues the presence and the transient nature of beauty that a human body creates with its motions and movements. This line of clothing is for women who live in the city, always on the move and who seek a new kind of quality.

Fall-winter 2020 represents the body fantasies.

“Dance reveries draping our bodies.

Playing tones. Or their accompanying breathe.

Like a musical instrument in an orchestra

One by one, body movements

Create a candid symphony, sound by sound.  

Six ensembles resonating in a myriad of bodies

Like glittering inner lights

The origins of this collection are to be found in ideas

I came along after stumbling upon a dance performing event brochure:

Creating a fable through dance and imagination,

Where bodies of dancers express things that words cannot tell

And tangible things are bonded to ethereal ones.

From this standpoint, I collected personal memories. Designs started to materialize subsequently, incessantly”.

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