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Lastelier is a French brand of high-end fashion accessories Made 100% in Italy.

Lastelier offers timeless, functional and durable pieces made in a traditional way in ateliers working for the biggest luxury brands.

Each piece represents the famous italian “volere bene”, with beautiful intentions for the people who wear them with a word or charm hidden in each piece. 

Lastelier is the perfect balance between meaning, form and function making all pieces of the collection a must have. A confidential collection to better focus on the essential.

The Borneo bag is a bucket bag. It is lightweight, minimal and very original with its only one adjustable handle. It has been designed to be as sleek as possible with no lining inside in order to enhance the contrast of both materials, the stitching and the metal details of the handle. Colours: leopard, red, orange, green, brown, blue.

The Cannes bag has a refined structure and is very stylish with the combination of materials: leather and raGan. The Cannes bag has 2 removable shoulder straps: one is a jewelled strap and the other one is a leather strap. Colour: brown

The Portofino hat rapidly became an iconic and a must have piece of Lastelier. Love and well- known for its colours and its patented inside pocket in which we can put money, a key or your credit card. Colours: yellow, orange, red, pink, green, blue, light blue, silver, white, brown, black, brown lurex, gold, natural.

The Cobh hat is a stylish transparent bob in PVC. Indispensable when it’s raining, this hat is also perfect for travel as you can easily fold it in your luggage. Colour: tortoise shell, gold dust, gold net.

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