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The HARLEQ FW 2019 collection characterised by an autumn palette applied to the latest models presented: the “Curvy Bag” assumes the tones of the natural leather while the backpack version becomes total Black.
After the victory in the contest dedicated to Andy Warhol, The “Harleq Bauletto” is redesigned with a modern pattern.

Harleq also presents the new “The Spine” model in three different combinations; a soft bag characterised by the contrast between plain and paddings that continues from the bottom of the bag to the entire frontal part until it turns into the handle. Entirely handmade in Italy.

For the contest organized by the magazine “Rolling Stone”, Harleq positioned itself among the finalists with the LP-Bag model, the original bag shaped as a LP disk with a complex processing that reproduces the grooves of vinyl.

The brand HARLEQ introduces a complex craftmanship process in the world of luxury handbags choosing to have always different and original forms. With the most detailed finishes, entirely hand-made and bespoke,
HARLEQ offers the quality of a classic and at the same time unique product.
Different leathers with shades effects, adopting the most unusual geometries thanks to the careful study of the paddings, characteristic shapes and innovative accessories, will always be the prerogative in all our collections. Exclusively HandMade in Italy.

The brand Harleq has born after 25 years of experience in leather furnishing, introducing a complex craftmanship process in the world of luxury handbags the brand choses to present always different and original shapes.

With the most detailed finishings, entirely handmade and bespoked, HARLEQ proposes the quality of a classic but at the same time unique piece.
Handcrafted leathers shade effect, with colourís jokes and inovative rounded padding shapes will always be a prerogative in all new collections.

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