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In 2009, Carla Matos was a successful woman with a good career. She held a management position at a big telecommunications company, but it wasn’t enough – her heart was elsewhere.

On her free time, she was always thinking about jewellery and creating new designs. Because you can only love what you do when you do what you love, she took her interest a step further by enrolling in Contacto Directo Jewellery School.

Little by little, her creations started giving her international recognition – her pieces are now available all over the world in 22 different countries – and she became free to pursue her true passion.

She is no longer Carla Matos, the corporate manager – she’s the driving creative force behind our brand, Carla_M.

 This is not conventional jewellery.

Our work comes from a constant search for new aesthetic and functional values in unusual materials: wallpaper, rubber, plastics, acrylic, steel, elastic, carbon fibre and other industrial components.

Through upcycling, we breathe new life and meaning into these materials, reinterpreting their functions and defying our senses.

Every material is inspiring in a different way – we look at everyday objects and see them not for what they are, but for what they have the potential to be.

We create Jewellery inspired by Matter.

From the beginning, we have defied traditional notions of what jewellery is supposed to be.  With a new approach that emphasizes concept and meaning over economical value, producing pieces with inherent emotional worth, we have managed to change the public’s perception.

Carla_M. brand has come to be synonymous with original, comfortable pieces that never fail to catch everyone’s attention and you can see them selected by Museum Shops such as MoMA NY, MoMA Tokyo, Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Chicago, Queensland Museum, Triennale Milano, Punta de La Dogana Venice, La Pedrera Barcelona, MAK Austria.

It doesn’t have to be shiny. If it’s Carla_M., then you’ll know it is about High-End Synthetic Jewellery.


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