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Lunar is a South African fashion and lifestyle brand that began in the mid 1990’s. Since inception in 1998, Lunar have strived to create clothing to be as natural as possible, both in fabric and in design. The aim of the brand is to produce exceptional styles using the finest materials, with the best possible craftsmanship.

Lunar acts as a responsible brand in knowing the importance of Fairtrade and decent working conditions for employees. Their progression towards sustainability has led them to a point where every customer can know by whom, and under what conditions, their garments have been made.

Pictured below is Charlotte, Lunar’s quality controller. Nicola Luther, Director adds “Charlie has a precise eye for detail and is wonderfully meticulous ensuring only the finest quality garments are approved. Charlotte has been part of our little Lunar family over for 7 years. We’re all very excited that her lobola has recently been finalized so we’re looking forward to her wedding ceremony next month”.

Charlotte works alongside a number of talented local women, creating less of a business and more of a family. Lunar’s designs are functional, timeless and ageless but never boring, not aimed at a specific target market, just to a discerning customer who appreciates beautiful garments.

Wherever possible, Lunar uses natural fibres and pigment dyes; fabrics that are from the earth, with little human interference. They love the feel, look and character of linen, hemp, silk, bamboo, wool and organic cotton as they allow for the creation of interesting designs that are classic yet beautifully simple.

Lunar is constantly inspired by nature and the African landscape and their goal is to do their very best to try to preserve it.

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