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Yuul Yie is a shoes label by Sun-Yuul Yie, launched 2010 A/W as ‘Ma Vie en Rose’, and has launched the collection every season with diverse theme.

As of 2013 S/S collection, the company changed its brand name to ‘Yuul Yie’ which is the name of designer to expand its design and brand.

Yuul Yie pursues high-end contemporary shoes brand which reflects not only uniqueness and classic feature but also trendiness.

Products are made of cow skin and maintained its quality by order-made system. Unique last and heel, and shape of ornament have been developed by Yuul Yie and it emphasizes its creative and innovative design.

Especially its signature line ‘Y heel’ is unforgettable design for customers. Brand’s target is women with strong identity who are always fashionable but don’t vulnerably run after trend.

The brand’s definition is ‘Shoes Sculpture Fantasy’. – We all love colors and are adventurous.

We make our consumer have a fantasies in their daily lift by wearing YUUL YIE shoes that have our own mood.

Here are the things that inspire brands – Everything around us is an inspiration for products. e.g. a stone boulder on the floor changes into a shoe heel, and the shape of the figure is applied to the overall shape of the shoe.

These random images that emerges every day is inspired when designing for the new season. The most impressive, attractive and expressive parts will be created to a real product.

For more info visit en.yuulyie.com/index_.html


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