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Tità Bijoux was born in Milan from a travelers and passionate family.

Laura, a career as a decorator and a life spent between Paris and the Caribbean, and her daughter Céline, graduated in literature and goldsmith by passion, decided to open a little jewelry workshop and store in 2008 in Milan where they could create their own delicate and romantic lace jewels.

In this all feminine atmosphere even the shop’s name has a history: it’s Céline’s grandma’s name as well as her own third name.

The colorful lace earrings, Tità Bijoux’s trademark, are created by a patented procedure that make them very resistant yet extremely light. Today, Tità’s creations are not all about lace: they range over many type of jewels made from refined materials.

In 2015 Sophie, Celine’s young sister, joined the team; she comes from a very artistic path attending the Accademia Di Brera at first and the Accademia Della Scala of Milan few years after.

Celine and Sophie are not alone in this journey: other girls are on board helping and creating along with the sisters, they’re the Tità Girls. They too contribute with enthusiasm and inspiration on creating new collections in this all big creative feminine family.

For more info visit www.titabijoux.com


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