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Spring has already started and we are all now getting ready to relax on the beach, to do more activities outside, to go for longer walks but it is also very important to protect and to nourish our skin. What’s better than the vitamin C? Not only you can take the vitamin C in pills, or drink some fresh-pressed orange juice but you can also add it to your daily beauty treatment. How? Using this brand new product called : fresh pressed 7-day system with pure vitamin C which contains 7 single-use packettes of renewing powder cleanser with pure vitamin C and one 7-day vial of daily booster with pure vitamin C 10%

This is suitable for all skin type and it can be sued in two ways: pour into wet hands, add water and work into a lather. Massage over you face, avoiding the eye area. Leave it on for a minute to retain the full power of fresh vitamin C and then rinse well.

Or you can activate this unique booster to release the de-aging vitamin C just adding two drops to your daily face cream. The skin will look, after one week, brighter, radiant, evened smoothed and firmer.

By the way I have just bought one 7-day vial of daily booster with pure vitamin C 10% at Beauty Star at a special price of Euro 12,80 instead of  Euro 15.

Remember that vitamin C is one of the most powerful de-aging vitamins.

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