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Carolina Wong’s debut collection is defined by minimalistic silhouettes, plush leathers, bold patterns and bejeweled colour palettes inspired by vintage cars. Wong engineers a weaving process using leather and skilfully mixes classic patterns – pin check, gingham and stripes.


Each bag is stitched with thread recycled from unravelled and spun car seatbelts. Finishing is made with the most resistant techniques used for car wheels. Leather is sourced from Moroccan farmers in local markets, then treated with vegetable tanning methods and coloured with nature dye.


Throughout the process, Carolina Wong works side by side with craftsmen from the old medina of Fes, highly skilled master artisans still adopting techniques passed through generations since the 8th century. Collection is made sustainably according to the highest standards whilst treating local artisans with respect and ensuring fair wages to sustain their skills. We are here to support each other along our journey, and look good while doing it!


The designer: Hong Kong born and currently London- based, Carolina Wong graduated at the Chelsea College of Art and Design. Specialising in Woven Textile Design, shapes, motifs and experimentation with materials have naturally become part of her creative world. Having lived in four different continents, Carolina Wong is an uncompromising twenty-first century independent woman, unafraid to explore the unconventional from a young age.


Enriched by a wealth of cultural heritage absorbed during her creative education, life experiences and impressive resume in the fashion industry, she values the art of uniting multi-culture traditional crafts and creativity, with the mission to create high- quality, timeless and sustainable collections.


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