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Susana Bettencourt is from the Azores Islands of Portugal, where the designer’s passion for knitwear and traditional lace techniques were developed from early in her childhood.


Relocating to London, to undertake a BA in Fashion Knitwear at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Susana continued to hone her knitwear and women’s wear skills through an MA in Digital Fashion at London College of Fashion, graduating with a distinction in   2011. During her stay in London, the designer was able to translate her sculptural designs into the dimension of seamless knitwear.


Having instantly gained high praise and recognition, for her sculptural knitwear and luxury high-technology fabrics, Susana continues to explore the boundaries between technology and hand-crafting knitwear techniques, developing the jacquard to the extreme in order to make textures and volumes in detail.


Experimental designs to create new fabrics and a passionate belief in future fashion are at the core of Susana Bettencourt’s signature. Boldly embellish and digitally aware designs, Bettencourt’s kaleidoscopic knitwear , prints and accessories are future-ready.




The upcoming AW15|16 collection – RECLAIM – inspired my the photographer Kai Fagerstrom’s work, is a representation of how some things that used to belong to people are slowly being reclaimed by nature again, it is a reinterpretation of the classics by Susana Bettencourt. How can “stripes” and “camouflage” still have the “Susana Bettencourt” ID? This is the challenge and the goal. Having the Nature versus Architecture as the starting point of the contrasts, Susana utilizes it’s technologic geometric rules directly into her so characteristic textured prints and jacquards.

Colors: Natural earth soil colors in contrast to the grey man-made concrete.



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