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British architect and designer Julian Hakes has released a new collection of Mojito styles in collaboration with Swarovski for Spring/Summer 15.


Julian Hakes’ Mojito sandals are a combination of architectural and fashion design, unique in their genre. Awarded ‘Drapers footwear designer of the year 2012’, he is a London-based architect and bridge designer that blends his two passions to create physics-defying, sculptural shoes using a sophisticated 3D laser-scanning technique. More than just avant-garde fashion accessories, these shoes are true design artworks.

Julian Hakes created an ingenious shoe design made from a single strip of durable and stable carbon fiber that wraps around the foot. Because this strip is reminiscent of the lime spiral found in a mojito cocktail, Hakes came up with the name “Mojito.” Hence, the Mojito shoe was born.


For Spring/Summer 15, Julian Hakes incorporated Swarovski elements to his creations, making his iconic Mojito sandals even more unique. Julian Hakes is also an approved brand for Swarovski Elements.


For more info visit www.julianhakes.co.uk


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