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Cahide Bodur is a contemporary British brand based in London.

Luxury and modern pieces created with experimental creative cutting and shaping. Brand focuses on construction and quality finishes. As well as creating wearable pieces, she also focuses on statement pieces with timeless appeal complimenting the feminine silhouette.

Cahide Bodur was born in Germany, Pinneberg and raised in Turkey, she moved to London in 1991, when she worked in administrative roles until she studied Fashion Design and Realisation at London College of Fashion 2007-2011.


Her garments are available at, Red Vatican Concept Shop, 79 Stoke Newington Road, N16 8AD, London ”

Exclusive interview with Cahide Bodur. I would like to thank her for her time.

Q. Where do you take inspiration from?

A: I turned to nature for inspiration in my last two collections, nature plays a big part in our lives. Ash to Ash my third collections was inspired by Volcanos; ashes and lavas. Fascinating shapes and forms of lavas and clouds created by ashes were incredibly inspiring. Also It was very interesting to learn about how human nature respond and react to Volcanos through out the history. Inspirations are everywhere in our daily lives as well as in nature; piece of furniture you spot in a shop, painting on a wall, flowers, people, music you hear could all be a start of a journey you willing to take in a collection.

Q. What is elegance for you?

A: Elegance is I guess being tasteful and graceful in style.


Q. If you could collaborate with a famous designers, who would you choose? and why?

A: It would be Gareth Pugh, he is one of my favourite designer and I adore his work. His works  is always interesting, different and attention grabbing. I love his experimentation with form and volume and I feel close to his work so I wouldn’t mind collaborating with him.

Q. A garment that every woman should have in her closet

A: It does not have to be black, but every women should have quality one/or a few mini dress/dresses in their closets and a black blazer to go with them. You can never go wrong with the combinations of these two garments for many occasions.


Q. Is bespoke fashion still alive?

A: Bespoke fashion is still alive and I think people are started look for quality durable garments which will last long. Fast fashion took over our lives recent years but most people are experiencing the disappointment of poor quality garments and their short lived lives.

I hope bespoke fashion will be forward in the future. We need to go back to our roots and enjoy the craftsmanship and quality once again.

Q. What kind of woman would wear your clothes?

A: My garments are for every women who would like to feel / push further with their femininity and explore their female silhouette wearing flattering garments.  Garments are  wearable pieces but same time I provide statement pieces with timeless appeal complimenting the female silhouette.


Q. Are you going to design other items besides clothing?

A: I would love to try designing lingerie collection in the future.


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Photographer : Stoney Darkstone
Mua : Lauren Marie Sanderson
Hair : Aaron Best
Models: Gingersnap


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