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Georgina Skalidi was born and raised in Thessaloniki. At the age of 18 she began her studies at L.I.S.A.A College of Applied Arts in Paris, where she graduated with a degree in Fashion Design as a Stylist-Modelist.


Following her studies she relocated in Athens, and worked as a Fashion Stylist for major women magazines (Marie Claire, Gynaika and more), while also serving as Fashion Editor for OZON Magazine. Furthermore, her work has been published internationally in Iconique, UCE Magazine and German FHM. The decision to create her own line of handmade clutch bags – which she both designs and constructs – derived from her inner necessity to express creativity and sense of styling through her own work.


Mentoring with leading Parisian and Athenian craftsmen equipped her with the knowledge and technical expertise to begin her own creative journey. Establishing from the very beginning her signature technique, Georgina Skalidi molds leather into clutch bags, where the excellence of materials and handmade production process is accompanied by a fresh, chic and architectural sense

Georgina with key reference to vintage and contemporary style, cut’s up and deconstructs the classic style of the clutch leaving unchanged its essence – resulting into something completely new. Always with an emphasis in geometry she cuts, alters and fashions almost like automatic writing on her bags.


«My inspiration is experiential. Based on the way I decide to live each phase of my life, inspiration follows. Holding the leather in my hands, I am able to express the emotions of my reality by literally shaping it into my designs. I choose not to create in the conventional method, because a bag to me is a type of sculpture»

Currently, Georgina Skalidi runs two own-stores in Greece, one in the center of Athens at the area of Kolonaki and one in the town of Chania on the island of Crete.

The brand is dedicated in offering handcrafted designer goods at affordable prices uncompensated in quality and cutting edge design.




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