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Melanie started Callulla Lillibelle long after she established herself as a true artist. She began exploring her passion for art and design in high school, at the Museum of Fine Arts. She then went on to major in theater at Bennington College before heading to Los Angeles.


Although she didn’t follow the traditional path into the fashion world, Melanie was looking to step onto the scene with her dream of creating a woman’s fashion label.


Melanie wanted to create a clothing line that would both embrace the sensuality of being a woman, as well as empower women. Her ideal line would have clothes that a powerful woman can wear to the office and then straight to dinner while still maintaining elegance, style, and class. With the launch of Callula Lillibelle in 2010, Melanie’s vision finally came to fruition.


Callula Lillibelle’s debut collection for Spring 2011 received rave reviews, commending Melanie’s ‘Mad Men’ style inspiration and her use of versatile and easy to wear fabrics. Most recently, Callula Lillibelle was chosen as one of ten designers to be featured at the Chengdu Fashion Week in China.






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