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Kara Laricks was the winner of Fashion Star 2011 edition.

Here is the interview with Kara, for which I thank her,  and some photos of her SS 13 collection sold exclusively at SAKS Fifth Avenue.

1. Why did you decide to take part to Fashion star?

Fashion Star was my opportunity to design for a wider audience and how thrilling that Kara Laricks has made it all the way to Italy!

2. When did you realize you had good chances to win?

My strategy during my time on Fashion Star was to “keep my head down, stay focused on the challenge and design like I would in my Lower East Side (of Manhattan, NYC) apartment.”  When I was named the first of the final three designers was when the competition started to get very real for me.  My strategy changed to “eyes on the prize!”

3. Your style is particular, where do you get the inspiration from?

I pull inspiration from EVERYWHERE – it might be something interesting or unique I see on the street.  Inspiration comes from designers I admire such as Yohji Yamamoto or Jil Sander.  Right now I am inspired by Canadian artist Marcel Dzama – his work is a little dark and creepy, but there is something very sweet about it – I love that contrast.  And of course, I am enamored by androgyny – anyone or anything that makes me look twice to figure out what I am seeing – that’s what really inspires me.

4. Who is your favorite designer (if you have one)?

I will have to go back to question #3 and say Yohji Yamamoto.

5. Would you give up your brand to become the creative director of a luxury and famous brand?

I would never give up my brand!  However, I would consider an opportunity to be the creative director of a luxury/famous brand – there is true freedom in being able to focus solely on design – it’s when I do my best work.  With my own brand, I find myself spending so much time on daily operations that I crave design time to myself!

6. What piece of advise would you give to new designers?

Stay focused, stay determined, stay kind and above all, believe in your vision.

7. What do you like designing most? skirts, blouses, jackets…

Jumpsuits!  I love a great fitting, original one piece – they are hard to come by.  I am working on one right now!  I also love unique accessories, but you may have guessed that from my collar + tie on Episode 1 of Fashion Star.

8. Is it more difficult to draw a dress or to sew it?

For me, drawing is more difficult!  I much prefer to work with fabric, a dress form and a sewing machine to design. When I draw, I find that I only have to draw from what I have already seen.  Working with fabric on the form allows me to come up with something entirely original.

9. A garment every woman should have in her wardrobe

Just one?  A crisp white button down men’s style shirt – the possibilities are  endless!

10. 3 adjectives to describe your style

Unique, Feminine + Masculine

11. Have you ever been to Italy?

I have been to Italy.  In college, I backpacked throughout Europe with a group of friends – it was wonderful life experience.  I cannot wait to visit Italy as an adult and as a designer!


For more info visit  www.karalaricks.com


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