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The designer, Shadi Tambrchi, used to be lawyer before she designed to stop suing people and make them feel beautiful instead.

She bases her designs on the ideology “Because Life is Too Short to Wear a Dull Dress”. Shadi’s creations mirror her belief that clothes should be used to enhance women – to give women that “wow” factor. After all, why look ordinary when you can look extraordinary? Shadi’s strives to give women a stylish edge – an edge that makes women feel bold and courageous, whilst at the same time maintaining their elegance and femininity.

Shadi’s designs weave together the contradictions, inconsistencies and opposites which make-up the modern woman – feminine/masculine, virtuous/wicked, sweet/seductive – and prove that a woman can appear to be all these things at once.

We intend to keep the label somewhat “underground” and exclusive. We do not want to be sold to the masses. Lulu in Chains is where you go when you want to find that unique, “stand-out’ dress that you know you won’t find another ten people also wearing on the same night.

The label is made entirely in Australia.
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