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Les Femmes srl, is a shoe company in the Marche region where one of the most important Italian shoe district is located. Their  brand is called FEMBLU which was launched this year for the spring / summer collection. All their products are only made in Italy and the best materials  from the finest leathers to real Swarovski are used.

Their products are very sophisticated and aimed at young audiences but also to those who love wearing fashionable and peculiar shoes. Their collections are suitable for every occasion. Since this year they propose three different lines such as:

FEMBLU J’adore for a woman to the fashionable and bold.


FEMBLU PRECIEUX jeweled sandals for special occasions and social events.


Mariee FEMBLU the line completely dedicated to the bride.

There is an atelier inside the company where each customer can choose and buy whichever shoes are ready or order and customize the shoes as desired!


For more info visit www.femblu.com


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