Lio de Faldas

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Lio de Faldas was created in Barcelona in 2002 and it  is a brand for sophisticated and feminine women, that combines ethno-chic styles with gipsy and elegant touches.

The prêt-à-porter mid-high lines matches top quality fabrics such as silk, cotton, cashmere and antique sarees with hand-embroidery, sequins and art work. Also, natural colours like, sand , light blue, eggplant and pinkish mixes with metal and multicolour tones.

The brand has a wide range of styles from elegant cocktail dresses, to romantic blouses, every day skirts,  and original vests and coats that are perfect to create the look for every event. Lío de Faldas style is simultaneously fun and sensual. Enriched with an oriental inspiration and therefore creating a multicultural line.

Since its creation, Lío de Faldas has been increasingly growing and nowadays its designs are being sold nationally and internationally, in Italy, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Kuwait or Saudi Arabia.

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