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Icelandic womenswear designer Vera Thordardottir graduated from Istituto Marangoni in 2009. She went on to participate in the FAD Fashion Awareness direct competition, showcasing her work at Vauxhall fashion scout.

Having trained with Hussein Chalayan, William Tempest, Potlcok and Walsh and PPQ during her studies. In June 2010, Vera opened the Istituto Marangoni show in London, with a collection inspired by the effects frost has on the elements of her home country, Iceland. Designing her own textile out of silicon, silver plated wires and Swarovski crystal.

 Cork jumpsuit


Pieces have been worn by Lady GaGa, whilst singing with Elton John at the White Tie and Tiara ball, and when presenting Nick Knight with a self-made art piece at ShOWstudio.

After graduation, Vera was employed as a design assistant to the head designer of WALSH. After being approached by Vaxhaull fashion scout, and getting interest from numerous private clients She decided to dedicate all of her time on establishing her label. Her A/W11-12 collection opened Reykjavik fashion festival in April 2011.


 Jumpsuit with fishleather bodice



Vera talking about herself: I drew inspiration from how the world around us changes from day to night. I have always been fascinated with textures and for me to discover the change of objects with low reflection of light is very interesting. I also looked into how the eye adjust and that the moment of confusion when you walk from bright daylight into pitch black room while your eyes are adjusting. Gradually everything becomes more visible, your senses adapt to the change and you realize that immediately your senses start to focus on every little noise to feel the texture of the room around you. You can tell from the sound of your shoes touching the ground what kind of pavement you are treading and from the smell in they air you can tell what kind of weather was that day. I also studied the different reflections from objects in the night and how little drops of water in trees were lost in the daylight but become the main focal point at night.

I use Swarovski crystal, black silicon and wires to create the tangled effect of the trees in the dark with the crystals shimmering like rain. Cork and Cod leather represents the texture natural objects.

Silicon gown

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