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FABRYAN (fa-bri-an) is anything but ordinary.

Born not only out of a love for all things fashion, but an appreciation for unique, feminine and alluring designs. Samantha-Jane’s business acumen coupled with her passion for fashion resulted in the launch of FABRYAN in September 2010, during London Fashion week. Creating a distinctive quintessential feminine signature, fused with rich prints and ornately embellished pieces, defines FABRYAN.

Our range of luxury hand finished scarves that are visually stunning evocation of the energy and vibrancy of mother nature inspired by the beautiful and exotic flowers on display at Kew Gardens. Each is hand rolled with hemmed edges and is made with 100% organic silk using a unique digital printing technique that give the scarves their fresh originality while ensuring their quality.

The FABRYAN signature prints play a pivotal role in this collection also, helping to further distinguish each piece and offering a real wow factor. FABRYAN (London) prides itself on being an exciting new brand, growing and evolving with each collection.

Fabryan combine both high end fashion and social development that embodies their philosophy as a luxury brand with ethical values. All their garments are handcrafted in the U.K. by skilled professional tailors. They apply the highest standards of creativity and quality to their garments whilst respecting our environment.

Fabryan take special care in choosing the suppliers they work with. Wherever possible, they source locally using only the very best fabrics.

Their scarves are made from organic silk yarned from silk worms and mulberry that are free from any pesticide. The silk is then digitally printed using non-toxic eco friendly inks.

Their Eco values:

* Organic

* Fair trade

* Local

* Made in UK

* Sustainable


For more info visit www.fabryan.com


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