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Now that Sanremo is over these are the outfits I liked most for various reasons.

Among all the dresses I saw throughout one week of Sanremo,  this is probably my favourite one  which I would wear immediately: white blouse and black pants worn by Ivana Mrazova and created by Moschino. I like it because it has a young allure and it can be very versatile, probably it was not the most suitable for this kind of show since all the women were wearing long, elegant and super fancy dresses. The shoes are fantastic.


Ivana again but wearing a very sexy, see-thru light lavender long dress by Albert Ferretti. Absolutely chic.


Nina Zilli wearing a romantic beige dress by Vivienne Westwood but with a pair of flashy red shoes. Very trendy.


Long, elegant dress for Arisa created by Mila Schon. the color is particular too because it is not pink, not beige, or grey  but it is a mix of several colors (in Italian we would called it “color tortora”). Sophisticated.


Well, not only women were well dressed but also men and the most elegant was Francesco Renga, wearing  a wool and silk tuxedo suit created by Claudio Tonello.



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