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The collection draws its inspiration from the work of two female photographers: Sarah Moon and Wendy Bevan.

I see a clear link between the two as both artists create pure and innocent atmosphere where the femme fatales figure and the dreamlike image dominate the scenario. The images are subtle, abstract and somehow disturbed.

The contradiction between their dated appearances and faded charm together with a contemporary content create painterly, ethereal and alluring scenes.

The use of faded kind of soft- focus enhances slow movement in them, they don’t just capture one moment in time but a ‘lasting notion’.

Based on dreamy, faded, pastel scenes of Sarah Moon and Wendy Bevan I present my spring/summer 2012 collection named ‘Reverie’ – (A state of abstracted musing) a story that continous to interpret movement in my clothes throught layering, transparency, construction and combination of different techniques.

Reverie Collection

The colour scheme is made up of cool, blue hues, aged pinks and dove grey contrasted with ink and aubergine shades.

This collection is a further development of my previous work, which builds upon the theme of layers and three dimensionality.

The refined idea of layers of different fabrics creates a simpler silhouette and opens up for illimitable combinations. Working with fabrics, mainly silks of various structures and transparency this collection presents interesting proportions and gives the wearer freedom to mix new and old garments in order to create something new and very own style.

Smooth details of leather and raw edges stand in contrast and works with the fabric to highlight its qualities.

The attachment of sleeves and buttons in the dresses contributes a playfull and multifunctional aspect to the garment.

Here is the video of the spring/summer 2012 collection: httpv://

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