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The innovative 2012 Mariam Collection of jewelry will delight women everywhere with stunning new necklaces, guaranteed to energize and enhance any wardrobe.  Renowned designer, Mariam Sheinberg, is celebrated for her unique designs, intricate production techniques and unsurpassed quality. She has now taken these founding principles one step further and succeeds in giving new meaning to the term “statement necklace.” No longer limited to only the boldest styles, Ms. Sheinberg is enabling women to create their own personal definition of “statement.” From subtly elegant to strikingly prominent, The Mariam Collection offers a distinguished array of styles for the most discriminating clientele and all are meaningfully designed to “speak” to the wearer as well as the beholder!

Born in Montreal and trained at the prestigious Montreal Museum School of Fine Arts, Mariam Sheinberg developed an unparalleled visual aesthetic which she has successfully interpreted into many areas of design.  Beginning her career as an Interior Designer, Mariam’s love of art and mastery of architecture helped her to transform clients’ residences into places of customized beauty. She honed her unique capacity to capture individual personalities and tastes in the environments she created.

Jewelry design was a logical ‘next step’ for Mariam.  While always indulging her passion for fashion and accessories, she is a voracious shopper who studies key trends and influences – yet interprets them with a fresh new twist to express her unique personal style.  Mariam remembers being particularly moved by an article in Vogue Magazine on Elsa Peretti’s apartment and how in the midst of all the luxury, she had incorporated a simple crate for a coffee table.  Mariam was inspired by this eclectic mix of mundane and magnificent and decided to take this concept to a new level!

Already internationally renowned in the world of Interior Design for her innovative juxtaposition of textures, her sparkling splashes of color and her refreshingly modern perspective on timeless elegance, these elements became the cornerstone of The Mariam Collection.  Instead of transforming a space, Mariam aspired to transform and enhance women through jewelry – necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. The human form became Mariam’s palette and she consistently dazzles her customers with unique jewelry that allows them to transform their own wardrobe staples into personal fashion statements.

Mariam has traveled the world and savors the beauty of ancient civilizations as well as modern cultures but her inspiration is deeper than that – the beauty of women everywhere. Whether the warmth of  laughter, the golden strands of hair, the deep blue of one’s eyes, the incandescent glow of one’s skin, the gentle sway of ones hips, Mariam embodies these characteristics are embodied in her jewelry.  Highlights include….

Embrace the unexpected.. in the warm glow of an intricate copper filigree necklace beautifully set with cool, smooth pearls.  A delicate sterling silver chain boasts a bold mélange of multi-color freshwater pearls. Sensual symmetry …abounds in a geometric checkerboard creates impact with lemon quartz teardrops, labradorite, white and gunmetal pearls. Color stands on its own… in a striking four strand necklace of carnelian, garnet, raspberry & salmon jade and coral. Delight in delicacy…with an elegant chalcedony solitaire on a sterling silver micro-snake chain.

And perhaps most impressive of all…Mariam’s expertise is not limited to just design. She has developed a unique talent for sourcing the finest gemstones and materials available and also perfected the artistry of production, individually handcrafting each piece with unsurpassed quality.

Mariam prides herself on caring as much about the inner – as well as the outer – beauty of women and their families everywhere.  She proudly supports a wide array of charities including Hope & Cope, dedicated to helping cancer victims, Table for Hunger to combat worldwide hunger and Shield of Athena to help abused and battered children.  Mariam has also created a special Rose Group of jewelry and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society to aid their search for a cure for breast cancer.

The Mariam Collection has a devoted following in major international cities throughout the world, including London, Rome, Paris, New York and Montreal. Mariam currently resides and works in Montreal. Her current efforts are focused on increased expansion within the US and Canadian markets.


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