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Another important collaboration in the fashion world between Alessandra Facchinetti and Pinko created an interesting and very innovative project called : Uniqueness.

Alessandra Facchinetti is a well know Italian designer.  In the past she worked for Gucci and Valentino and now she moved to Paris to follow Uniqueness together with Pietro Negra, Pinko’s chief executive.

This projects presents a no season collection, all garments are Made in Italy and the interesting thing is that the clothes are ordered only online and the waiting time is really short. If one item is not available the restocking is really fast.

The price range goes from Euro 90 to Euro 1200.


On the website you can find the shopping on line section, my “Mood board” which is daily updated and the “Board of Uniqueness” which is a free space for new designers connected to this project.


For more info www.uniqueness.it




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