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Alberto Annibali collaborated with Ittierre SpA for Gianni Versace and Gianfranco Ferre’ Jeans, the high fashion phase of his carrier culminated with the collaboration with Valentino in Rome for men’s design studio. In 2007 he started his own fashion label. His collection expressed the culmination of his experiences as he understood that it is not only about fashion itself but also includes a deep understanding of tailoring, fabrics, cultures and lifestyle.

Contemporary and fresh, these are the keywords of the collection ALBERTO ANNIBALI fall winter 2012-13 collection.

The collection was inspired by the glamor of the early ’80s, by those crepe de chine dresses that were soft and fluid in all the closets of stylish women.
The silhouette is soft and relaxed, with a waist marked by wrinkles and drapes or belts specially designed and manufactured in the same fabric or leather apparel.
Skirts are down to the knee and give an idea of a woman who does not  waist too much time to get ready, but that quickly gets dressed and runs out on a date, dodging a paparazzo, entering or exiting a taxi by a local fashion.

Alberto Annibali wanted to create a collection for all season, his clothes (using silk only) can be worn anytime of the year.

The color palette consists of bold and clean shades like rusty, brick, caramel, purple, ultramarine blue, turquoise, yellow colors and, of course, white and black, the latter used as a base or neutral chiffon veil with solid colors and graphics.

The manufacture of the collection is strictly Made in Italy.

This season also in collaboration with the Czech artist, Svetlana Kuliskova, who developed his own technique of tissue processing, NON-WOVEN Arachnee ®, Alberto Annibali collection adds a new material developed in collaboration with the artist for the first time, matching the crepe de chine and chiffon.
This tissue in fact, being handmade, boasting the beauty of being always different in every centimeter, creating unique effects , but light at the same time and, thanks to the special needling performed with nylon thread, has a subtle sheen and texture in their new gender.
Alberto Annibali used it including the selvage where we see the pairing of the two tissues, creating a non-printing press.

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