My favourite colour: teal

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I dedicate this post to myself since teal or peacock colour, together with turquoise, is one of my favourite colour.

Why do I love it? Because i find this our very elegant, it matches with many other colours perfectly and it is not obvious as black or blue.

Definition of teal= is a medium blue-green color. It is named after the Common Teal, a member of the duck family, whose eyes are surrounded by the color. (Source Wikipedia). In French is sarcelle, in Italian verde ottanio o petrolio.


For this season many many designers have presented this sophisticated colour in the collections (I am very happy for this).  I have chosen some of the best teal garments plus my personal jacket and shoes. Love them!


This colour enhances both golden and silver details like in the Charlotte Olympia boot shoes.



Various styles of dresses for an elegant woman: glamorous with golden details like the one presented by Chanel.

From a T-shirt to a silk blouse to feel sophisticated.

A hhole teal suit to substitute the classic blue or grey suit: perfect day and night, just change the accessories.

 A bright colour to light the gloomy fall/winter evenings.


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