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Spring is around the corner and we need to prepare our skin to the new season. I am very concern about cosmetic ingredients so I have been using only organic products. Before buying a product, I spend a couple of minutes to read the ingredients because I want to preserve my skin as much as possible. Organic cosmetics are those where no parabens, no nickel, no oil derivates, no perfumes are used.  I try to avoid chemicals because they penetrate in the skin and who knows what they can cause.

FYI: parabens are chemicals widely used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries for their bactericidal and fungicidal properties. The experts said that parabens can cause skin irritation and there is a possibility that underarm deodorant containing parabens  might lead to breast cancer.

Some of the cosmetics company that produce organic cosmetics are L’Occitane, Planters, Frais Monde, Helan, Sanoflore, Avene , Erbolario and more.

To buy an organic product does not mean to spend a lot of money, for sure it costs more than a normal cream bought at the supermarket.

For the past 2 years I have been using the Argan oil as night treatment (only during the cold season) which is completely natural. The Argan oil is a natural oil that comes from a tree calles Argania spinosa (see photo) that grows only in Morocco.




The Morocco women use this oil not only to protect their skin and hair from the desert living conditions but also to cook. This oil has extremely high antioxidant properties, vitamin E and sevaral essential fat natural acid. here some Argan oil use:

– to moisturize the skin because it is not greasy at all (you can get dress right after).

– mix the Argan oil with coarse salt for a body scrub or add some sugar for your lips to remove dead skin.

– a couple of drops in the bath tube water to have softer and cleaner skin.

– it can be used also in the breast area since the skin here is very delicate.

– a couple of drops in the morning or in the evening to nourish the face skin and prevent the wrinkles.

– if you have thin and brittle hairs, rub some drops on your hairs, leave it on for an hour and the wash them.

– mix the same amount of oil and lemon and immerge your hand for 10 minutes, repeat this treatment twice a week for 2 months and both the cuticles and nails will look healthier and well-manicured.

– use it to massage your body if your muscles are tight.

The Argan oil is not cheap, the price is around 20/40 Euro depending how pure the oil is.  I have already tried “olio di Argan per viso e corpo” by Erbolario which is very good. One bottle lasts 2/3 months since you only need a couple of drops per use.


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