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Jonathan Liang is a wild garden – a romantically carefree landscape filled with dramatic creatures. Each ready-to-wear piece envisioned by the label is not only inspired by, but reflects the characteristics of this spirited plane: from the common pansy, to the striking flamingo – elements of natural natives are prevalent throughout Jonathan Liang’s work and collective story, amalgamated with his definition of expressive femininity.

A collaborator at heart, Jonathan Liang welcomes new elements into its universe. Jonathan Liang has in past teamed up with Uniqlo for the mega-brand’s “Feel the SEA” collaboration for three seasons, Perrier, Shiseido, Rimowa and numerous other creatives, including graphic designer, Nouchka, and famed photographer, Petros Koublis, in fulfilling his vision.

In 2016, Jonathan Liang was selected by Not Just a Label as a winner of their Future of Fashion prize, and in 2017 was selected by Labelhood, Shanghai Fashion Week’s premier platform for contemporary designers, to be one of only two international labels to showcase at the prestigious fair. In 2018, Jonathan Liang released an exclusive collaboration with Lane Crawford, distributed across all stores in China and Hong Kong.

The designer:

Establishing his eponymous label in 2014, Jonathan Liang offers his contemporary woman with adaptable, provocative yet combatively feminine prêt-à-porter collections that replicate the natural evolution and progression of life. The Paris-based designer maintains his mission of juxtaposing the world of dreams with daily life in inspirational designs, quality fabrics and impeccable workmanship. With prior experience at Givenchy, Surface to Air & IRO, the designer brings together his experience and creative vision with every piece that is created.

With humble beginnings, Jonathan Liang embarked on his fashion journey with eager hands and a cultivated mind. Through the humble desire to bring forth his past education in fine arts to life, he sought out tutelage from one of Malaysia’s most prestigious fashion schools, emerging with not only the ‘Most Promising Designer’ award at Malaysian Fashion Week with his graduate collection, but numerous other honors, including the best collection award the year after.


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