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Exclusive interview with PBG founders

Q: Which is the real PBG’s core?

PBG is a Prague based fashion accessories studio founded in 2011 by Aneta Vojtová and Tereza Horáková. PBG is designing and producing minimalistic and practical bags, backpacks and other leather accessories. We create all of our products from scratch, source the highest quality materials from all over the world and pride ourselves on the best quality and design for a practical but fashionable accessory.

Q: What does fashion mean in Praha?

People have recently become interested in local and sustainable fashion. It is an big opportunity for us. In last few years a lot of new showrooms have been opened. Fashion in Prague is no longer just a consumable goods. People want to wear nice things and they understand that for a good design and quality have to pay a little bit more.

Q: Do you think Praha could be a fashion capital one day?

We think there is many talented and interesting designers but we are still not enough forceful in the world.

Q: If you could collaborate with another brand, who would you choose and why?

It would be interesting to cooperate with a fashion brand or a brand that makes shoes to expand our assortment.

Q: Besides bags, what else would you design?

We would like to extend our brand to other small products that are associated with urban life. Such as key rings, glasses, but also scarves, which are often a great addition to a handbag.

Q: What is sustainability for PBG?

We make efforts to create products that will be both practical and elegant. Important for us are also quality materials that play a major role in the finishing of handbags. We are not afraid to use the materials that are originally destined for a flattery and they have such high durability. This means that our bags are really ready for every load. The style of our bags is easily recognizable, elegant, dampened in color with urban breathing.

Q: What are your future plans?

A new collection of scarves will be in cooperation with a young artist from Vienna. This will be a whole new and interesting experience for us.

Q: Choose 3 adjectives to better describe PBG’s world

Simplicity, quality, functionality

Q: Who or what inspires you?

Our inspiration mostly comes from our personal lifestyle.

For more info visit www.pbgstudio.com



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