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Ethical fashion, in Milanese style, with relaxed elegance

NVK DAYDOLL is an ethical fashion collection designed by Natasha Calandrino Van Kleef, acclaimed Dutch-Italian designer and architect who lives and works in Milan.

NVK DAYDOLL is a total-wear label designed for every contemporary woman’s wardrobe – those who understand that style is a matter of choice, comfort, and personal confidence. It’s for women who want to complement their personality with the finest quality clothing, made with the highest respect for our natural world.

NVK DAYDOLL ingeniously combines simplicity and elegance, well-being and environmental care, in one easy-living fashion system which is perfect for all occasions, climates, seasons, and travel.

Offering a beautiful range of dresses, skirts, tops, pants, wraps and jackets, maternity, wedding and beachwear, all NVK DAYDOLL garments are made by hand in Milan from Modal® – botanic fibre derived from totally sustainable beechwood forests which provide the raw material.

Natasha Calandrino Van Kleef’s patented design is based on minimalist lines and a clever fastening feature, with no hooks, zippers or add-on devices. These soft and effortlessly stylish garments flow freely and sensuously on everybody – flattering your curves and caressing your skin while letting it breathe. You experience extraordinary comfort and exquisite practicality from sunrise to sunset.

Amazingly versatile, easy to wash – less than 30°C with minimum soap – NVK DAYDOLL clothes don’t need ironing, and work perfectly in your travel wardrobe.

Entirely eco-friendly and original, this essential collection is available in a spectrum of coordinating colours and pieces which combine to make a sensational 400 different outfits! No wonder women from all over the world have embraced NVK DAYDOLL as their own personal designer collection.

NVK DAYDOLL is registered No Effetto Serra, Peta-Approved Vegan, Fur-Free, LAV Animal Free.

Part of all proceeds goes to animal care and protection across our planet.

Look your best and feel confident just the way you are, while being kind to your body and the world around you.

NVK Daydoll’s latest innovation for its sustainable fashion collection is the original and amazingly versatile Leaf Dress.

Designer Natasha Calandrino Van Kleef has created this new addition and internationally patented garment on the occasion of the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival in Queensland, Australia, where it will be showcased for the first time at its VIP catwalk event.

Leaf Dress is an effortless combination of twin elements that combine to form a limitless array of different outfits to suit your changing moods and lifestyle.

Never before has there been such personal choice and stylish flexibility wrapped up in one easy to wear dress. This revolutionary NVK concept in women’s fashion enhances both your femininity and your independence to give you a timeless silhouette.

Made of double layered half sections in Modal®, which you can mix and match, this innovative modular dress embraces your body to create a monochrome or bicoloured look for your essential wardrobe.

Leaf Dress develops the concept of doing so much more with less, and applies the mathematical potential of the many beautiful colours already available in the NVK Daydoll Collection.

Each element can even be worn on its own, providing more possibilities by simply adding pants or leggings

NVK Daydoll has named this special garment in homage to mother nature and the beechwood tree from which its entire collection derives. It also echoes the Dutch expression “Lief”, which means “Love” in the designer’s own mother tongue.

Inspired by the union of two halves embracing to make more than their whole, the NVK Leaf Dress is a wearable gesture of love, dedicated to every woman, our planet, and our future.

For more info visit www.nvkdesign.it/en/


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