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Rocio is a creative British fashion label launched in London in August 2006 by Hamish Menzies.

Rocio was founded in Scotland on 26th May 2006 by Scottish designer Hamish Menzies. The brand’s debut collection was launched in London at the iconic “Pure” exhibition in August 2006 with an artistic direction to create an exclusive collection of designs that would return fashion to the arts”.

The unique designs explore the possibility of combining only the finest natural materials with modern day fashion design. Hamish works closely with his master craftsman and artisans at their own atelier as well as with their in house design team at the company’s headquarters in Scotland, UK.

Rocio’s natural designs use only sustainable woods and the finest materials. They are created strictly by the artisan’s hand over a meticulous nineteen stage process with individual creation times of up to 4 weeks. It is this extraordinary attention to detail that truly defines ROCIO and ensures that each client receives not only a beautiful accessory but also a unique work of art, epitomising eco-luxury and glamour in its purest sense.

Since the brand’s debut launch in London the “Rocio” collections have gone from strength to strength, regularly featured in high fashion publications Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and always in demand by International stylists for red carpet events. The collections are seasonally presented during London, Paris and New York’s prestigious fashion fairs. The highly creative and unique designs are now being sold in over 50 countries by the world’s most luxurious and highly fashionable boutiques including Le Bon Marche in Paris.

Commenting on his inspiration: My direction as an artist was to try and take fashion back to the beautiful arts “Rocio is a statement of time and individuality” redefining the very word exclusive.

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