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Eline van Ree is a Belgian emerging fashion designer who studied at the Royal Academy of Fashion in Antwerp. In 2012 she graduated as interior designer in Brussels. After gaining professional experience at the fashion studio of Josep Abril and Simple kids she started her label in March 2015.
Eline lived and worked in Barcelona for 5 years. Nowadays she travels between Belgium and Barcelona.


Her women’s collections are inspired by artists: The Mathilda collection awakens the atmosphere of the painter Balthus, the Twiggy collection was influenced by the work of Picasso. The result is a twist between ethical and minimal fashion.

The graphic prints are the uniqueness of EVR’s style. These prints are hand-created and printed manually with the silkscreen technique. This technique is mostly famous for its use in street wear and T- shirts, but EVR managed to give it a new look. Other important elements of the label are the lush fabrics and playful cuts.

EVR clothes are designed for the multitasking woman, they are made to accompany her during a whole lifetime, with quality and timeless as main goals.

Eline van Ree refuses to be rushed by the rhythm of the seasons, producing just one collection each year. This collection features mostly transitional clothing, so the pieces can be worn throughout the year. This is her way to put a halt to overconsumption and to promote slow fashion. All garments are made in Barcelona and hand-printed in a small city studio that uses only water-based dyes.

Elien-van-Ree_pantsIn July’16 she launched her second woman collection during Barcelona Fashion week. In September she was selected among 9 other designers to take part in ‘The Future of Fashion program’ and could present her collection for free at the Who’s Next trade show in the heart of fashion capital in Paris.


For more info visit www.elinevanree.com


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