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Pepa Pombo is a Colombian ready-to-wear brand specializing in knitwear and defined by its unique heritage.


Launched in 1978 by designer Pepa Pombo, the brand grew into a thriving family-run business soon after its inception. By the 1980s, Pepa became one of the most renowned names in fashion in both her home country, and in Mexico.


Pepa named her daughter Mónica Holguín as Designer and Creative Director in 2002, signaling a passing of the mantle. Today, Monica continues the family tradition, adapting and delivering the Pepa Pombo brand to new generations.


Each Pepa Pombo collection returns to the brand’s DNA – its singular approach to knitwear. Its intricate fabrics are always unique to the brand.


The thread, pattern of weaving, embroidery, and finishings of each garment are carefully considered to obtain the final product: a unique creation defined by distinctiveness, multi-functionality, and versatility.


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