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Maud Villare, a young European woman with a generous spirit, had felt enchanted by Mother Africa.

While working on her diploma in textile design at the prestigious Ecole des Arts Appliqués Duperre, Maud began focusing on the theme of travel and delighted in revising everyday objects. The suitcase, with its strong identity and incredible capacity for emotional memory, became her icon object. A born collector, she began amassing, transforming and breathing new life into suitcases. Using her playful mind, she converted the materials to reveal the hidden meaning in the object that surround us.


After she attended an indigo dyeing workshop in Mali, Africa became instilled in her, unleashing a passion for the continent’s inhabitants, traditions, vibrant colours, lush fabrics and vitality.

In the meantime, Maud lent her creativity and know-how to international design offices and designers in search of originality and attuned to her word. But for this accomplished artist, all creation is to be share with the person of whom it is intended. Human contact is essential, a constant theme in Maud’ creative endeavour. And so Maud decided to create her own brand of accessories: Toubab Paris, the link between two continents, a combination of passion and know-how. Thus came into being Toubab Pairs!


Collection of jewellery and unique pieces, mainly designed with African fabrics and beads, that Maud sublimates by revising their traditional codes and universe. Toubab Paris’s production methods reflect the brand and its creator. All of the items are handmade by skilled craftspeople, women in work training centers and artisans in small workshops. Maud values her many assistants hailing from here and there, and tries to respect each person’s needs. Her passion, tenacity and unwavering trust in human values are core to her activity.


Intermingling shimmering colors and heterogeneous materials, Toubab Paris takes you on a journey via its creations. Dive into in a unique and exotic work where cultures intermesh but the references and symbols remain constant… Whether worn as bodily ornaments, iconic objects or simply to brighten your day, these expressive jewels will add sparkle to your routine while inspiring interest and curiosity around you. At the crossroads between fashion, art and design , these ethnic and refined creations will plunge you into a sensory and startling world.


Today the brand is distributed internationally and can be found on fashion and design boutiques, as well as concept stores, museums and art galleries around the world. Covered by French and international media, Toubab Paris has been mentioned in print media, on the internet and even on TV. Worn by celebrities, at the heart of artistic projects and inspirational partnerships focused on the exchange of ideas, Toubab Paris continues to expand its presence with persuasion and creativity.


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