Sergio Pappalettera and Saturnino at Fabrica

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Jovanotti’s visual art director and bassist will deliver a lecture on March 23 entitled: “The error as a form of knowledge and expression”

Fabrica takes pleasure in welcoming Sergio Pappalettera, a versatile, eclectic creative talent and a prolific disc-cover artist, and Saturnino, one of the foremost bassists on the international scene. They share a long artistic collaboration with Lorenzo Jovanotti.

Through a discussion with students at Fabrica, Sergio Pappalettera and Saturnino will endeavour to analyse the error’s cognitive value. In a world that demands certainty and assertion, the error may become an analytical instrument for modifying our perception of reality by demonstrating its limits.

Error forms become a language, creating an aesthetics, and the new technologies enable us to transform the error into truth while maintaining its incomplete, unreal nature.


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