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On August 15th  I will go sailing for the first time on a 44 ft catamaran with a group of friends. We are leaving from a  marina near Venice and plan to sail to the Croatian island of Lošinj in the northern Adriatic Sea.

As this is my first saying experience, I have researched and asked for information on do’s and don’ts onboard and I would like to share them with you.

On boats in general there isn’t much space to store luggages therefore it is better to travel light and you are not allowed to take onboard hard suitcases or trolley but only duffel bags. Here is my Longchamp bag already packed.


Another thing not allowed on a boat is to wear shoes in the sense that heels and dark-colour soles shoes are forbidden. You can wear white sole shoes or walk bare feet. For my trip I have bought a pair of Havaianas’ sandals which are very comfortable, have white sole and I can use them on rocks too.


Since I will be under the sun all day long it is very important to protect your skin properly. I have bought 30 SPF sunscreens by BioNike and the after sun lotion. Make sure that when you use sunscreens you don’t grease or stain the boat’s furniture.


Erbolario 50 spf lipbalm and Vichy protection for sensitive areas like nose, cheekbones, weakened areas.


It is good practise to help when cleaning, manoeuvring and cooking.

Least but not last water: as it is not possible to carry a lot of water on the boat, you need to be very thrifty when using it. You can then take a longer shower when you arrive at the harbour but onboard you need to be quick.

In case you want to buy some professional sailing clothes, the most famous brand is Helly Hansen.

Happy Summer!


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