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Native of Angola, the Heart of Africa, Susana Traca moved to study in Portugal when she was just 14. Then she started working as a model throughout Europe treading some of the most famous catwalks and soon stood out for her flawless elegance and her intense and dreamy gaze. After winning the Lisbon “Model of the Year” award in 1996, Susana decides to “taste” fashion in a different way. Once landed in Milan, she started working as a commercial for some famous brands, but her creative genius was not quite satisfied.


So, reinventing the places she visited and where she lived, melting her travel memories and cultural influences, Susana discovers herself as a shoe designer. Inspired by her background, she built up a strongly stylistic project, supported by the desire to create a captivating and sophisticated collection, designed for contemporary and cosmopolitan women. Angolan roots, Portuguese education, job and life experiences throughout Europe become the multiple facets of the original collections by Susana Traça.

Exclusive interview with Susana

Q: Does Angola, your born country, have a tailoring tradition?

A: Yes, the waxed cotton is used for special ceremonies

Q: In these last few years, Africa has been very important for fashion as many designers produce their products there. Do you think fashion can help the development of Africa?

A: Absolutely with help from specialists on the ground to help African people, everything is possible. From the moment they will have knowledge and awareness of the major luxury brands, they will become consumers. Therefore, in this way, helping to create a ‘luxury industry will generate new market opportunities and jobs for both.


Q: What thrills in your job?

A: The passion makes me feel stronger and the interior strength that accompany me in every difficulty.

Q: Among all the designers, who would you like to collaborate with?

  • Giorgio Armani and YSL laurent for their minimal style
  • Isabel Marant and Dries Van Noten for their bohemian style
  • Etro, Marni for their ethnic retro chic touch

Q: How important are shoes in an outfit?

A: Very important to create a total look


Q: When we purchase a pair of shoes, what should we pay attention the most?

A: Comfort

Q: Are you planning to design clothing and/or other accessories besides shoes?

A: Yes if there is a market opportunity. Right now I am concentrating on handbags.

Q: Which city is the fashion capital right now?

A: Paris

Q: Who or what inspires your creations?

A: Art, people, cinema and the places I visited.


Q: If I would like to become a shoe designer, what is your advice?

A; I would suggest to do this job but you have to love it completely. Otherwise it is very difficult because it does not depend only on you and you need to have nerves of steel.

Q: Three adjectives to describe your creations

A: Contemporary, chic, tribal, eclectic and bohemian.

SUSANA-TRACA-bootiesQ: Pretty soon I will visit Expo in Milan, do you really think that an event such Expo can help countries to pay more attention in managing their own natural resources?

A: Yes, it is important to understand the developing level of each country and the capacity they have to manage their resources.











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