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Transitions Optical, world leader in adaptive lens technology is excited to announce a new brand affiliation with the introduction of WOOW Eyewear.


The new frame brand WOOW is the brainchild of Face a Face co-founders Nadine Roth and Pascal Jaulent who created the label for those with a sense of humour and need a little coaching from their glasses. The partnership with WOOW brings both colour and fun to Transitions Optical’s superior light adaptive lens technology. Friendly and uplifting messages adorn endtips to give the wearer a modest ‘pick-me-up’ every time they pop on their glasses. The wearer has the option to choose from phrases like “Super Duper” and “Feel Good,” or can turn to the ‘The Dark Side’ collection for a motivational phrase like “Try again.”


Hand-made in Italy, the delicate frames come in a selection of pretty colours including candy pink and mint green to vivid orange and bold violet, which are complimented by Transitions Optical’s unique Graphite Green, Grey or Brown lenses. With a variety of silhouettes from rounded to cat eye to rectangular, the WOOW frames have a multitude of options to work with the different coloured lenses to suit every face shape and colouring.


Transitions Optical are delighted to be partnering with WOOW, combining the light hearted WOOW brand ethos with the advanced light adaptive lens technology of Transitions to offer a range of practical yet stylish eyewear for both men and women.





For more info visit www.wooweyewear.com & www.transitions.com/en-gb


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