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Exclusive interview with British designer Nadia Minkoff

When did you start your brand?

Nadia Minkoff London was founded in 1988 with a dream of designing high quality accessories, using the finest leathers, innovative techniques and vintage inspiration


What kind of handbag very woman should have?

Each and every woman is different so the important thing is to have a bag that suits the individual and their lifestyle. A bag that happens to be ‘trending is not necessarily the right bag for everybody

What do we have to pay attention when we purchase a bag?

Most important is that is fits the function it’s required for, a day bag for a working woman for instance needs to be large, with compartments, not too heavy, well made with comfortable straps. As for an evening clutch- well, that depends on who is paying the bill at the end of the evening, is it there just to be beautiful and to safe guard your lipstick or do you need to carry your wallet and keys in it as well.


Would you like to collaborate with some other brands? if so, with who? and why?

I guess it would have to be Missoni as I just love their textiles, prints and use of colour.

The so called IT-bags are really that fantastic?

Some people need an ‘IT’ bag to make them feel good and it may well be that they love everything about it. Some might think that they prefer to have something more individual and less obvious.


Where do you take inspiration from for your products? 

My love of natural materials, colour, travel and all things vintage have always influenced me creatively, not to mention the inspiration I get from my beloved home city, London.

Besides jewellery and bags, are you planning on designing something else?

I’d really like to do a range of men’s bags, I’ve been wanting to do this for so long but have not found the time… yet


Three adjectives to describe your brand.

Timeless, individual, functional

What are your expectations for Scoop event?

We hope to introduce the brand to new customers both in the UK and overseas, we also hope that our existing customer base will visit and be inspired to stock us again.


Does the bag have to match the shoes or not anymore?

The truth is, I never liked the idea of a matching bags and shoes, I always feel it makes more of an impact if you put different things together that work well, like a good marriage!





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