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Exclusive interview with Jackie Barbosa, jewellery designer of GBGH which stands for Go Big or Go Home : “Like any form of art, Jewelry helps us express ourselves. I love creating beautiful pieces that give us that edge to be the best, most beautiful version of ourselves. ”

Q: GBGH why did you chose this particular name for your brand?

A: In 2012 I decided I was going to create the jewelry that we couldn’t find to buy — unique jewelry for women like me who want to wear exclusive creations, not just trends or labels. After a couple weeks of experiments, I came out with a few big pieces, a ring, a necklace and a cuff… When I showed those pieces to a couple of friends they said that the jewelry was gorgeous but they asked “don’t you think it’s too big?” In a second I responded “Oh yes! Go Big or Go Home” that’s what GBGH stands for.

GBGH Jackie Barbosa

Q: Living in New York helps you more in your job that living in other cities? if so, how?

A: For sure, NY is such a dynamic and creative city. I have the feeling things happen here before they happen in other places. And also, here we connect with fantastic people everyday, people who inspire me in so many different ways. This is the city of possibilities.

Q: How much of your Brazilian origins do you put in your jewels?

A: My creative process is experimental, at the beginning I thought the only Brazilian element I was adding to my creations were the rocks, with time I found out almost everything is related to my origins and my country.  I’d say my creations are organic, unexpected and sexy, like Brazil where things are  unpredictable and authentic.


Q: How and when did you start creating jewellery?

A: I started 12 years ago. At the time I was self taught which I believe was very helpful in developing my own style.   It was fun and my boutique line was doing very well in Brazil. Later, I felt I needed metal smithing classes to… At this point in my life I was traveling a lot… Each big city I visited, my heart was asking me to “think out of the box.”  I was craving to design unique creations. That is when I decided to move to NY and GBGH became a reality.

Q: What piece of jewelry do you like making most?

A: I love making  pieces when I go crazy. When it is more art than it is jewelry. I don’t worry if it’s too big or if it will sell easily- the pieces I create with my heart are my favorites .

Q: Where do you take inspiration from?

A: I grew up in a farm with a lot of animals. My father is an eccentric character and when I was a kid we had a few wild animals over there (lions, tigers, panther, sloths, araras and monkeys). Until now I’m kind of obsessed with it, I spend  of a lot of time watching documentaries about all types of animals especially felines, bears and birds. Also the people and chaos that come with big cities provides constant inspiration.


Q: If you could collaborate with a famous jewelry brand, who would you chose? and why?

A: I would love to collaborate with Diane Von Fustenberg. It’s not a jewelry brand, but that’s a woman I admire her style and creativity as well as her career.

Q: Give us some advices when buying a piece of jewelry

A: Jewelry is an investment. A good piece will be made of the finest or the most alternative materials. It’s important the piece has good quality and a beautiful design that fits with your style. Also, forget the trends. Great jewelry is timeless and unique. You don’t want to wear what everybody else is wearing.

GBGH Jackie Barbosa1

Q: What is your favorite stone?

A: So hard to choose one! Now I am obsessed with emeralds, but it changes all the time.

Q: Besides jewelry, would you start creating other products?

A: I already design small things for the house, like spoons and ashtrays, but I would love to go bigger and design some furniture and other objects. That’s a project for the near future.


Q: How did you like Origin Passion and Belief event in Vicenza, Italy?

A: That was an incredible experience. I had the chance to meet fantastic designers from all over the world and  exchange ideas and experiences. Also the interaction with the public, buyers and press was amazing and added a lot to my brand. Not Just a Label and Origin were incredibly innovative, they made us truly believe the future of fashion can be better.

Q: 3 adjectives to describe your brand

A: Hot, unique and unexpected.

Q: A piece of jewelry is …

A; Art you can wear.

Q: You never leave the house without…

A: I try to not leave my house without meditating every morning, this is what keeps me inspired and connected with myself.


This is Italianist’s personal acquamarine cuff by GBGH

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