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While doing her research for the SS15 collection, Daizy Shely came across a fascinating and wonderful book: “Before They Pass Away” by the British photographer Jimmy Nelson. The book documents the world’s last tribes just before they disappear, using many beautiful images.


“The book is a catalyst for change, a museum of knowledge. Not one filled with masks and spears and feathers, but a place of learning.” Said Jimmy about the book and Daizy totally agrees.
Maybe we can’t stop the world from changing, but this images can remind us and generations to come of how beautiful the human world once was.


So Daizy, in her SS15, tried to imagine her personal tribe: somewhere far, maybe living in other world.
Inspired by the last tribes, their different cultures, customs, body paint and tropical flowers she created her own fantasy tribe. She drew the print of the collection by hand with bright colors as they use to draw on their bodies., and used natural materials, strongly colored, to give the feeling of deferent king of tribe.

Daizy Shely’s tribe, between reality and dream.


Daizy Shely was one of the finalists at Who’s On Next during Alta Roma Ata Moda event last July.


For more info visit www.daizyshely.com


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