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 Exclusive interview with Giulio Steiger, the son of Walter Steiger.

My father Walter created the brand, and now me and my brother Paul are managing it. We were all born and raised in Italy . Walter continues to be involved in the creation of the shoes, but for a while now, I am in charge of the collection.


Why do you design women’s shoes?

Designing shoes, especially for women, is something extremely fun.  You may have many ideas and can apply them on the various models.  Obviously, we must always remember that we are designing shoes and these will be worn around … but it seems to me that these two concepts are often forgotten.


Bespoke shoes: who is the typical client?

Customers come to us to have a pair of bespoke shoes because they want something unique. Nowadays , also luxury items are mass produced , and the ultimate desire is to have something unique and built according to your needs — both aesthetic and also practical.

Among all the famous women, who would you like to wear your shoes?

There isn’t really one woman in particular who we would like to see wearing our shoes, the thing that makes me truly happy is to see a girl, famous or not, wearing a pair of shoes and think to myself …. they look really good on her!

Give my readers some advice while buying shoes.

First of all, make sure that the model really corresponds to what you want, besides the brand. To wear a pair of shoes properly you have to feel at your ease in them. Both in terms of the “personality” of the model and the comfort.  Jealous girls are always ready to criticize you like saying, “Look at how she walks!”, “She can’t wear heels!”, “What is she wearing?”, “She looks like a goose!”  These comments are always around the corner.  If you are confident while wearing  a pair of shoes, as extravagant as they may be, there will be no way of being criticized, but maybe envied in silence.


How did you come up with the “banana” heel?  Is it comfortable?

This heel was born in the early eighties and was first created for a Chloe fashion show.  At that time the director was Karl Lagerfeld.

At that time heels were not as high as today, that’s why the heel measured about eight centimeters.  Today we took the form of those times and renovated it according to the current fashion canons which provide more and more high heels.  In the current summer collection, the heels are up to 17.5 cm with the “unicorn” models.  As far as comfort or the way you walk does not change anything compared to normal “straight” heels because the point of support, where the heel touches the ground, is the same.

Besides shoes, would you like to design other things?

For the moment only shoes and bags… then let’s see.


Can a quality  pair of shoes cost less than 200 euro?

Unfortunately, no. Nowadays if a pair of shoes is entirely manufactured in Italy, it cannot cost less than 200 euros. Then there are good quality shoes at affordable prices .. but not the same thing. However, do not panic, there are always the sales!




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