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Margherita Matticari is a young Italian designer who loves fashion, design and the colour of life.

After graduating in Industrial Design at the IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) in Rome and ESAG Penninghen in Paris, she has worked in Rome, Florence, Berlin and Paris, where she is living at the moment.

BeunperfectShe thinks all we really own and all that is worth preserving are our ideas, our heart and what we have “in our bag”. That is why she first started inventing and creating handbags, an accessory which reveals an inner side of our existence, our way of being.

Her concept is to create a design object, minimalist, essential, practical and multifunctional.

The BEunPERFECT brand, was created in Paris in 2010. We are all “imperfect” and thus original in our way of thinking and living.


One of the most important creations is the bag “Concorde” that won the first prize “ArtGallery” 2011 (Design section) at the Galleria Campari in Milan.

The project exploits the interiors of the bag adding to the classical space with different pockets (for mobile, iPhone, laptop, diary, A4 documents, keys and other object), the bag it’s double-face, because it can be carried with pockets both inside and outside, it is composed of two parts where you can hang your jacket.

All of Margherita’s creations are completely handmade in Paris and in Italy, using fabric and leather of the highest quality. They are limited editions.

Beunperfect-pochette Louvre

Her creations are inspired by the articulation and combination of the most significant expressions of contemporary art (painting, architecture, design, photography).
They are the result of a search for distinctive features, uniqueness, details, high quality and with the greatest care applied through every step of production.

The study of shapes and material, the search for functionality and multifunctionality, the combination of essential lines and geometry are all reasons why BEunPERFECT products can be considered real “design objects”, designed to reinvent an everyday object.


Her creations have a new functionality, beyond time and fashion.

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