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Today I am honored to propose an exclusive interview with Leetal Kalmanson. I would like to thank her for her time in answering my questions.

Leetal Kalmanson is one of the most interesting and fast growing jewellery brand right now. All her jewellery are hand-made using unique materials like crystal, leather, Swarowsky elements and much more. Her piece of jewellery are available in selected departments stores and boutiques all over the world.

Q: How and where did you start creating your jewels?

A: It’s all started as a hobby at home. I crated a bracelet and showed it to my friends who got excited about it. I then approached a few stores with some jewelry I created and began to receive orders from them. I then decided to present my jewelry in a trade show in New York, and orders started coming in like crazy so I set up a my company, LK Designs.

Q: Where do you take the inspiration from?

A: My inspiration comes from my love of trendy fashion and my technical background in design.

Q: How important is the jewellery in an outfit?

A:I have a great belief that accessories are the main point of the “show” – a beautiful jewelry or great bag will turn the simplest shirt into a million dollars look. For example, I personally can wear a simple T-shirt from Zara together with a Prada bag and a piece of my jewelry.

Q: What are the most important jewel a woman should always wear? and why?

A: A long necklace with elements; and light weight earrings. These are the most usable jewels for every day, to pump up their look.

Q: Jewels vs. bijoux: who wins?

A: Today I think fashion jewelry is the big winner, since it is always up to date as to fashion trends and it is much cheaper than jewelry from precious stones and metals.

Q: Have you ever thought about designing other products?

A: I actually designed several other exciting products – the one I like most was the HP – LK jeweled laptop series, which were mini-laptops covered with LK designed jewelry on its top. LK and Hewlett-Packard (HP), the world`s largest computer company, launched 2 years ago 4 designs of the HP-LK mini jeweled laptop series under the HP and Compaq brands, in a joint fashion show was a big hit and included front-row celebrities such as supermodel Bar Refaeli.




Q: Who would you like to create a unique piece of jewellery for? (celebrity)

A: I will love to design a unique piece to Cameron Diaz.

Q: What is the most difficult part in your job?

A: The most difficult part of my job is to manage this large business. When LK was a small company it was much easier to manage, now with 50 employees and over 1,000 stores around the world selling LK, managing everything has become much more difficult.

Q: What aspect should a client look for when purchasing jewels?

A: The quality, the design, and the uniqueness.


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